Boris Mizhen – Honored to Give Back to Yale-New Haven Hospital

Boris Mizhen, a property investor, has sponsored Connecticut’s Yale-New Haven Hospital, the leading institute for oncology, transplantation, and pediatrics located in New England. Throughout his career, he has remained a considerable financial contributor to both national charitable organizations and to local non-profits in the eastern Tri-State area. Yale-New Haven is the second-largest employer in Connecticut and is ranked as one of the top hospitals in the nation by US News & World Report.

Boris Mizhen said that he is very happy to give financial assistance to the Yale-New Haven Hospital because, for nearly two hundred years, the facility has been caring for the health of New England’s population in extraordinary ways. He adds that the hospital’s achievements include dozens of major medical breakthroughs, which have benefitted the entire world. He hopes that his donation may contribute at least a little bit to their hugely positive work.

Yale-New Haven Hospital was founded in 1826 as the General Hospital Society of Connecticut. Originally opened as a charitable institution caring for the poor, it soon expanded its scope to include the entire community. In particular, it helped many sailors from New Haven’s busy seaport and during the Civil War, more than 25,000 Union soldiers were treated there. The Yale School of Medicine formalized its relationship with the hospital in 1913, developing a formal educational training program that served as the model to many teaching hospitals, to ultimately become the Yale-New Haven Medical Center

Boris Mizhen is proud to sponsor such a historic and famous institution and is excited to witness what further developments it will achieve in the future. Yale-New Haven Hospital boasts an impressive list of accomplishments in regard to its performance within the United States. It is the site for the first recorded use of medical X-Ray in 1896 and the first clinical distribution of penicillin in 1942. When chemotherapy was introduced onto its campus, it became the first place in the country to offer treatment to its patients. It successfully identified and named Lyme disease in 1975 and produced the first insulin infusion pump for diabetics a year later. The nation’s initial fetal cardiovascular center was built there in 1985, and in 2002 it was recognized as the first US hospital to transplant nerve cells into the brain of multiple sclerosis patients. 

Boris Mizhen was a longtime resident of Guilford, Connecticut, which has instilled a particular affinity for the New England area and its many philanthropic organizations that have received his support. He now resides in New York City where he leads a successful real estate development company. Through the Boris Mizhen Family Trust, he has expressed his support to a huge number of local and national charities including the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven and the Chabad of Shoreline’s Jacob Fund. Mizhen dedicates considerable time to helping residents displaced by gentrification and to making the sometimes inevitable neighborhood transition less destructive to the original character of a community.

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