With a passion for properties and charities, Boris Mizhen builds invaluable business ties to help communities with development and gentrification

boris-mizhen-logo-webDuring his successful career, business strategist and property developer Boris Mizhen has established himself as a prominent entrepreneur and philanthropist. Mizhen has achieved a wide range of accomplishments throughout his profession due to an unmatched instinct for online marketing. He has founded numerous online companies and manages real estate development properties across the United States.

Boris Mizhen has always understood the significance of building strong and long-term business relationships between himself and his clients. With an extensive knowledge of online advertising and marketing, he ensures to provide excellent quality service for publishers and consumers alike. Despite working primarily in the United States, he oversees the communication of many partnerships worldwide. The groundbreaking marketing services that Mr. Mizhen created deliver mutually beneficial outcomes for both companies and clients. He also entered the real estate business due to his understanding of buying low-rate retail and improving the quality of housing for people from all economic backgrounds. Through careful planning and orchestration, Mizhen entered the real estate business, where he successfully owns and manages dozens of properties across the North-Eastern USA.

Boris Mizhen is proud to have succeeded in his industries and did so by remaining true to his principles and firm in his work ethic. As someone who always worked hard throughout his education, Mr. Mizhen embraced the concept behind taking pride in all the work he does. Throughout his career, has been inspired by revolutionaries such as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. Admiration came from looking at people who also seek opportune moments and promote the advancement of unique ideas and concepts. These vital lessons learnt at adolescence allowed him to reach the level of success he enjoys today where he hopes to inspire younger people to do the same.

Having spent time in Guilford, Connecticut, Boris Mizhen now lives in New York City with his wife Angelina Strano. Together, they work hard to contribute to dozens of charities and organizations, such as Chabad of the Shoreline, and the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven. Chabad of the Shoreline promotes education and support for people through study and good deeds in the community. Boris Mizhen acts as a strong supporter of local communities and charities and continuously donates time and energy into advancing family values among citizens. The Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven helps bond people from minority cultures and backgrounds, providing food and shelter for those less fortunate. Mr. Mizhen believes in equal and fair opportunity for all and is a proud advocate and donor to the foundation. As a firm supporter of such important causes, Boris Mizhen continues to dedicate the energy needed to help communities flourish in the future.