Boris Mizhen – Talks About Why More People Shop Online During Holidays

Property investor Boris Mizhen has talked about why more people shop online during the holidays. Surprisingly, these trends are not rooted in convenience, or even an aversion to crowded superstores. Seasonal shopping entails jam-packed malls and bustling downtown market streets, but this year more and more consumers are turning online. The engine behind change in this case is an increasingly sophisticated online marketing presence.

According to Boris Mizhen, the significance in this year’s shift lies in big data. It is cheaper to collect and process data, making it easier to use tools such as predictive modeling and real-time ads to target audiences and make highly efficient use of advertising spending. Online ads are engaging, emotional, entertaining, and relevant – and they are encouraging more shoppers to buy via the Internet this season. Mizhen also has noted that marketers have become more skilled at educating consumers. From captivating online video ads on YouTube to targeted mobile advertising, customers are soaking up information, taking advantage of sales, and collecting more knowledge of the products they want to buy, which creates a more purposeful shopping experience for consumers – and helps to develop trust between retailers and buyers. Marketers are savvier this holiday season, but consumers are as well. Online purchasing is more popular not just because it makes sense, but also because, according to Mizhen, it makes the experience easier and more rewarding. He adds that online shopping will probably never make storefronts obsolete, but for the businesses that try to stay on top of the trends, the holiday season looks bright.

2015 proved to shoppers and retailers that marketing trends are changing to mobile and online devices. Today, everyone is plugged in as the online world has become remarkably accessible. According to the Pew Research Center, nearly two-thirds of Americans own smartphones, and there are a shocking 1 billion tablet users globally. According to Google, last year’s growth in Christmas sales from smartphones and tablets rose by 55 percent. The majority of the world is online, engaging, learning, and shopping and this is what marketers recorded and planned for. Mizhen, who has founded multiple companies, has been guiding marketers and businesses towards making use of these trends. It is the industries that build the most sophisticated Internet presence that have been able to reap the rewards of the exponential increase in online usage. A responsive mobile site and a dynamic online marketing strategy that includes social media, sophisticated online ad placement, and solid data analysis is the magic formula for optimizing this shift in holiday shopping.

Boris Mizhen is an established property developer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has led a successful career in real estate and online marketing due to a high instinct in business management. Throughout his career, he has founded numerous online companies and is sought-after by industries and individuals seeking ground-breaking marketing and various Internet services. A Connecticut native, Mizhen now lives in New York City where he continues to help people in real estate development across the North East of America. Boris Mizhen has contributed much time and resources to charitable organizations such as the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven and Chabad of the Shoreline. Having taken inspiration from revolutionaries like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, he remains a driving force in providing assistance to people through various services.

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