Boris Mizhen – Will Fund Real Estate Development Mobile App 

Boris Mizhen, property investor, will soon fund a new real estate development mobile app. Mizhen has become successful thanks to his unique talent for internet marketing. Mizhen entered the real estate business to improve the quality of housing for people from all economic backgrounds, and currently owns and manages dozens of properties across the North-Eastern USA. Boris Mizhen is considered invaluable to developers within the industry, having invested in New York City properties and headed marketing technology firms staffed by highly trained and experienced professionals.
 Real estate is the largest lending category, with credit card debt second by a substantial margin. According to a report by Jones Lang LaSalle, annual commercial real estate lending is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2030. As the epicenter of real estate development, New York City has captured 7 percent of global investments with $55 billion. The next phase of growth is projected to bring along many notable development opportunities, fueled by products and amenities that serve the commercial side of the real estate market.

Boris Mizhen’s decision to invest in a mobile app for real estate development is based on his many years of experience in the industry, as well as his acknowledgement of potential growth held by real estate tech. He has long been an advocate for the increasing use of technology in the real estate sector, which is no surprise given his well-known admiration of futurists such as Elon Musk and Steve Jobs.  With a strong foresight into the future, Mizhen is confident that his investment will not only prove beneficial to his business but will also serve as a highly useful tool for his clients, especially the new generation of buyers and renters. 
Boris Mizhen is a New York-based property developer and entrepreneur, known for his remarkable instinct for successful business ventures and investments into advancement of technologies. Mizhen is also an avid philanthropist, having contributed to dozens of charities and organizations, such as the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven and Chabad of the Shoreline. He dedicates time and resources to promote family values among citizens who are less privileged. Mizhen is a large contributor to gentrification in smaller neighborhoods and promotes education and support for people through study and good deeds in communities.   

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