Boris Mizhen – Offers Food to Underprivileged Families Through the Jacob Fund

Boris Mizhen is well known in the real estate market. He has recently created the Jacob Fund, a nonprofit organization focused on offering food and shelter to underprivileged families. The fund belongs to the Chabad of the Shoreline. This a Jewish association that teaches and supports individuals through faith, study, and various acts of kindness. 

Headed by Rabbi Yossi Yaffe in Guilford, Connecticut, Chabad of the Shoreline was founded to create ties and bonds among people within the New Haven community. The group achieves its goals by helping Jewish people connect to their heritage through innovative programs and communal events, which run throughout the year. The Jacob Fund conforms to the same goals of the organization by assisting those in need of spiritual or material assistance, specifically for food and shelter. Rabbi Yaffe has publicly praised Mr. Mizhen’s role within the Chabad on multiple occasions for his consistent aid in caring for people who work hard to build a better life for those with currently unstable financial means.

Remaining loyal to the mission maintained by Rabbi Yaffe, Boris Mizhen has pledged to donate every month to the Chabad and has been doing so for the last three years. “Boris Mizhen is the most generous person I know”, says Rabbi Yaffe. Every August, the Chabad hosts an annual Shoreline Jewish Festival, where they invite members of the community for a weekend of events, concerts, and competitions. With more support from Mizhen’s Jacob Fund, the festival aims to promote independent craftsmanship and skills by displaying various local vendors and artists. The event is also known to play a pivotal role in the promotion of native talent within the community.

Boris Mizhen is a New York City-based real estate developer and entrepreneur, whose career launched when he developed a number of online advertising and marketing websites. Born with a strong business instinct, Mizhen learnt at a young age how to use every opportunity to his advantage. In addition to his online companies, Mr. Mizhen also manages numerous real estate properties across the North-East of the United States providing stable housing to families in different regions. He enjoys spending his extra time and energy by contributing to charities and organizations that offer help to those who need it most. By pursuing his passion in philanthropic causes, Boris Mizhen remains passionately involved with social activism across the world.

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