Boris Mizhen – Enters the Business of Big Data for Online Advertising

Boris Mizhen is known as a prominent real estate developer and online marketer. His latest venture is in the big data and its use to advertising models online world. This will be his first attempt into analyzing “big data,” despite him founding many online marketing companies in the past. Big data is rapidly changing how the digital sphere operates within society. The phrase refers to the increasingly vast amount of accumulated data on consumer behavior gathered from the Internet, where each click is logged in different ways through a communication device. These methods to analyze data usually include texting, talking, online browsing or instant messaging. When a user is online, each of these interactions accumulates in a growing collection of information and history. The activity of people is invaluable for online marketers who can analyze browsing behavior, social media interactions, geo-location, purchase patterns, and other detailed analytics.

Boris Mizhen explains that making sense of those endless streams of information is a talent. He adds that the gathering is constant, and the storage became less expensive with each new generation of memory. He continues saying that to process that data – in essentially a 3D space – and making sense of the patterns is the real challenge today, because one has to identify the “right data.”

According to Mizhen, one of the prime applications of big data is redesigning the online advertising industry itself, with real-time media bidding and purchasing. Instead of potentially wasting dollars with an ad-buy, the analyzed behavioral patterns of the public can be more thoroughly explained with predictive modeling. This can help target and create the most effective outreach possible, reducing waste and boosting ROI. With assistance of big data, specific ads can be targeted to a precise consumer demographic, and hyper-localized due to the gap recently bridged between mobile and desktop usage and the rise of new anonymous cookie-less tracking methods. This will allow marketers to expand their reach with real-time mobile ad campaigns – before, during, and after any in-store activity.

With Boris Mizhen’s track record of successful business ventures and his impressive grasp of online advertising and marketing techniques, this new project is already proving popular among businesses. He has long been a champion of data applications with innovative and creative solutions and has enjoyed a long career in the real estate sector, dealing in both residential and commercial properties. Mizhen has also garnered a reputation among generous philanthropists due to his commitment to offer his capital and personal time to dozens of worthy local and national organizations, such as Chabad of the Shoreline and The Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven.

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