Boris Mizhen – Predicts Innovative Branding Tools Next Year

Boris Mizhen, online strategist based in New York City, predicts branding to become more personal and interactive in the upcoming period. Advertisers are beginning to test new methods, as with big data and increased public input becomes more integrated among content sharing on mobile devices. This year marks a step in human-centered branding techniques with more creative uses of social media and dynamic, tailored content.

Until 2015, most companies were slow to embrace a new customer experience model, and were largely uncertain on how to innovate it. Traditionally, the newer, smaller companies ensure a dynamic interaction, which capitalize on platforms like Facebook and Snapchat, and heighten mobile marketing for startups. Next year, larger companies with bigger budgets will incorporate interactive content into their future, as they are the ones who have the ability to harness the power of big data into their advertising strategies. Boris Mizhen has been championing the benefits of big data for some time, and believes once these more established brands successfully implement a more personalized experience alongside their aptitude for data management and analysis, the days of impersonal advertising are over.

Another trend Boris Mizhen is predicting this year is the interaction between the brands themselves. He expects to see more of the brand partnerships, noting the stellar success of companies such as Burberry with Japan’s top messaging app, LINE, Apple with Hermes, and BMW with Montblanc. “These partnerships were artful and effective, and brands were able to reach out to a wider audience.” Mizhen also believes it to be a year in which brands use a subtler format, and agrees with industry experts who call for a more tailored experience. When customizing their products and services to what consumers want rather than forcing an ideology on potential customers, it will prove more effective in getting the attention of potential buyers. Softer, more inviting colors, fonts, and graphics will start to take over this year as marketers catch onto the old axiom of ‘less is more.’ This holds especially true as the business climate moves from large billboards and magazine spreads, into mobile videos and more interactive media content.

Boris Mizhen is an online strategist and entrepreneur who has developed several successful online businesses. His high instinct for innovation and marketing has enabled him to build strong relationships between himself and his clients within the industry. Mizhen draws inspiration from other visionaries such as Elon musk and Steve Jobs, who he believes have helped shape the modern world through their business endeavors. In addition to his work, he is an active philanthropist and donates much time and capital to his local community. He works tirelessly to benefit organizations including Chabad of the Shoreline and the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven. Mizhen is driven to improve the lives of those around him and is committed to continuing his charitable work alongside his business accomplishments in the future.

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