Boris Mizhen – Admires Elon Musk’s Innovative Mindset

Elon Musk is a successful entrepreneur with a visionary mindset, which helped him get where he is today. Boris Mizhen, real estate expert, look up to Musk and sees him as in inspiring figure.

“There’s just no one like him,” said Boris Mizhen. “He definitely thinks in the big picture, utilizing vertical integration within his companies to reduce costs, and always maintaining an overall societal view of the way he can improve life for everyone rather than just how to make a buck. Of course, he’s also a stunning example of the Renaissance Man transposed into the 21st Century, with his amazing understanding of programming, electrical technology and flight.” Mizhen himself has contributed to a number of charitable organizations for many years, just doing his part to return to the world his own good fortune and success. He has been a longtime contributor to the Jewish Foundation’s “PACE” (Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment) fund and to the Chabad of Shoreline’s Jacob Fund, which helps to provide food for local families in need through electronic debit-type cards that may be used in supermarkets around the area.

One of the aspects that Boris Mizhen admires most about the Elon Musk story is the way he chose his direction early in life. As he progressed through school and university, Elon Musk was met with grand achievements and success, which enabled him to propel toward aiming for bigger accomplishments throughout his career. Growing up in South Africa, Musk achieved his first triumph at the age of 12 when he wrote a program for his Commodore Vic-20 computer which was purchased by a computer magazine for $500. He left South Africa at age 17, moving to Canada first and then the United States which he truly adores. As part of his life-plan, Musk asked himself what would affect the future of humanity most. He came up with a list of five things: the internet; sustainable energy; space exploration and colonization; artificial intelligence; and reprogramming the human genetic code. As Musk’s career has shown, he’s very capably working towards making his mark in all five.

Boris Mizhen followed a similar philosophy. His early success in real estate came about from an unrelenting focus on his goals. Now a prominent real estate developer in New York City, he started with a single, small rental property which became a significant revenue producer and provided the capital to expand his holdings. Mizhen gradually built a company developing both residential and commercial properties across the Eastern United States. He maintains his primary residence in Guilford, Connecticut, with his wife Angelina Strano. 

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