Boris Mizhen Online Advertisement Is A Major Platform For 2016 Election

Boris Mizhen - Online Advertisement Is A Major Platform For 2016 Election
Boris Mizhen – Online Advertisement Is A Major Platform For 2016 Election

As the 2016 presidential elections approach, the public expects the regular surge of television and print ads – those extolling the virtues of candidates as well as those attacking the character and capabilities of opponents. However, Boris Mizhen is warning it will be much harder for those who actively shy away from TVs and newspapers to avoid such advertisements next year. The entrepreneur and marketing guru is predicting that online advertising will become a major platform for the upcoming election.

The marketing firms, campaign managers and social media marketers in charge of each candidate’s promotional blitz are aware of the immense potential held by digital advertisements. While they were a large factor in the previous election, the use of online marketing is expected to double that of 2012. To highlight the ever increasing usage of digital media in political ads, Mizhen adressed that President Obama – a trailblazer in the field – spent 10% of his paid media budget on online ads in 2008 and 15% in 2012. In 2016, the average candidate is predicted to spend at least 25% of their costs on digital ads. “To put this into perspective,” Mizhen clarified, “$22.25 million was spent on digital ads in 2008. In 2016, about $1 billion is estimated to be spent.” He further pointed out that more than half of that is likely to be focused on social media sites.

Mizhen elaborates on the exact form in which these advertisements will take: “To put it simply, these aren’t going to be your normal attack ads,” Boris Mizhen predicted confidently. “This is because candidates are hiring high-powered advertising firms and campaign managers that employ young and in-touch experts. The result will be clever YouTube videos designed to go viral along with taglines and images crafted specifically to become shareable content, spreading on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram like wildfire.” And while this may cause more entertaining campaign fare than the usual ominous attack ads, Mizhen warns that there is a less amusing side to the whole affair: the increased ability of anonymous, untraceable spending.

The familiar short “this advert paid for” blurb that appears as a voiceover in television ads and as visible text in print ads is a legal requirement for campaigns. While candidates and those bankrolling their marketing may create a number of organizations each election, these can still be traced back to them – preventing libel as well as providing a trail for the authorities with respect to their spending. With online advertising, Mizhen explains, the rules are far less strict. A disclaimer is only required for ads that have been paid for to be placed on other websites – adverts that specifically push for a vote for or against a particular candidate. Therefore, any advertisement on the campaign’s own website, ads that sway voters without suggesting a specific vote and any advert content on social media can remain completely anonymous. For those candidates willing to go to any length to win, this is extremely attractive – and could result in an even larger explosion of online ads. “Get ready,” Boris Mizhen warned good-naturedly, “because in 2016 every device from your smartphone to your smart watch will tell you who to vote for!”

Boris Mizhen has built a successful career as an expert in marketing and advertising. As a leading entrepreneur, he has been directly responsible for contributing to some of the most successful online companies in recent years. Mizhen also holds great pride in his continued efforts to build sustainable and affordable housing for citizens across the North East of America. He achieves this through his unique business methods and lasting relationships with people and companies. As a Connecticut native, remains involved in many charities, including the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven and Chabad of the Shoreline. He has acted as the primary sponsors for these organizations for a decade and is determined to continue philanthropic endeavors in the future.

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