Boris Mizhen – Describes 7 Biggest Marketing Trends of 2016

Boris Mizhen - Describes 7 Biggest Marketing Trends of 2016
Boris Mizhen – Describes 7 Biggest Marketing Trends of 2016

NEW YORK, NY – Real estate businessman and entrepreneur Boris Mizhen has outlined what he believes are the biggest trends to expect in 2016. According to Mizhen, there are seven key elements to watch and monitor as industries continue to evolve to reach people through various online methods.

Year 2015 marked the first year in history that mobile Internet traffic overtook that of desktop. As companies begin to re-strategize their methods for reaching potential customers, Boris Mizhen expressed the significance of this shift and what the future holds. “2016 promises to be the most exciting time in online marketing, due to many unknown factions that will remain a mystery until we naturally find a new path for increasing engagement,” Mizhen explained. Another trend people can expect in 2016 is to take advantage of video advertisements on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Snapchat. 2015 proved users have started to be more accepting of these advertisements online. Facebook’s recent introduction of independent video content is an important factor for marketers, since it is the most popular app among phone users.

With Apple Watch becoming a household product, other companies such as Google and Samsung are working on wearable technology. This includes watches, but also products like Google Glass, bracelets, and rings. With technology starting to be a physical extension of the human body, it is apparent that advertisers will be able to contact users and aim products to them catered on information such as viewing history, location, and even emotion through heart rate. Boris Mizhen, aware of this, has addressed the potential that this equipment has on the industry. “Optimizing wearable technology to advertiser’s needs is encouraging firms to be incredibly creative with how to achieve their targets. Next year will surely bring some of the most experimental new methods as to how companies get people to interact with adverts or messages,” explained Mizhen.

A major increase in apps is also forecast in 2016, due to companies like Google that offer app indexing. This is the process whereby businesses upgrade and organize them for a more user-friendly experience. With a strong understanding of their potential, Boris Mizhen believes “apps can already do everything that a desktop site can. We are only a few years away from making websites as we know them, completely obsolete. This means the current online patterns are bound to change, making 2016 pivotal in how companies tackle this issue.” Mizhen suggests that more advertising will be achieved through sponsored content, where organizations are paid to promote a third-party product or service.

Boris Mizhen is a leading real estate developer and online marketing expert. He was a longtime resident of Guilford, Connecticut, and now lives in New York City. He is dedicated to many philanthropic causes across New England due to his close affinity to the area and its local residents. Through the Boris Mizhen Family Trust, he supports many charitable organizations, such as the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven and Chabad of the Shoreline. He assists people who have been strongly affected by gentrification and is a driving force in the building and offering of housing across the United States.

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